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Loading Dock Enclosures

Custom Faberkin Loading Dock Enclosures include three standard foam seals and a strong Rigid Shelter. Loading dock enclosures help to save energy and increase security at the loading dock.

Foam Loading Dock Seals

The CF75 forms an effective loading dock seal, ideal for door openings up to 9’ high. The three-piece unit retains conditioned air, and effectively blocks entry of outside weather conditions. Add drop curtains to the head pad for a complete seal when servicing smaller delivery trucks.

The CF95 combines the features and benefits of a seal and shelter into one practical unit. The full width curtain is supported with 1” galvanized pipe. Recommended for openings 9’ to 10’ high.

The CF Universal Loading Dock Seal is designed to use on doors up to 10’ wide. The unique cutout side pads with flexing action provide a wiper-like motion sealing the trailer while allowing the most available access to the trailer with a seal. Available with a head pad and drop curtain, or full width curtain.


Loading Dock Seal - CF75

Model CF75 –
Loading Dock Seal with Head Pad


Loading Dock Seal - CF95

Model CF95 –
Loading Dock Seal with Head Curtain

Loading Dock CF Universal Seal

CF UniversalLoading Dock Seal

Rigid Shelters

Designed for larger door openings, made of treated wood frame and translucent vinyl sides. Allows for full access of trailer through loading dock enclosure.

Rigid Shelters


Standard Features

  • Standard seal protection is 10”
  • Breather grommets are strategically placed at the bottom of each side pad to reduce moisture build-up and assure complete memory retention
  • Polyurethane foam pads are mounted on hand selected structural grade treated lumber
  • All side pads are manufactured with a guide stripe and are designed to close down all door openings for an optimal seal


Options and Accessories

  • Drop Curtains – available in a 6” drop to 24” drop. Drop curtains accommodate multiple sizes of trailers with one seal, available with instant hook and loop snap back feature
  • Foam in head curtains
  • Chain weighted curtains
  • Block Outs – for extremely large projections. Vinyl covered treated lumber custom built to extend out the wall
  • Head pads available beveled or non-beveled and are available in 18”, 24”, 30” face to accommodate various truck heights
  • Scuff Guards 48” high sewn to the inside face of the side pad for added resistance
  • Rope and pulley systems available on drop curtains
  • Fire resistant fabrics and foam available


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