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Roller Curtain Protection

Roller Curtain Instructions


Custom Faberkin Roller Curtains are ideal when the area around the lift has space restrictions.

We recommend that there is ample area at the base for mounting the roller yet, allowing enough room for the working area.

The steel roller contains a strong internal spring, which maintains tension keeping the curtain taunt and positioned correctly while the table is in motion.

Heavy Duty 23 oz coated vinyl curtain is attached to the roller giving your lift protection from dirt and debris.

Material is either all yellow or all black.  Special colors are available upon request.

The diameter of the roller is determined by the width of the area to be covered, and by the extension needs.

The roller is mounted on the base of the floor with strong steel brackets, and the curtain is attached to the platform edge by a small flat bar.

To Begin Installation:

  • Attach the mounting brackets at desired location.
  • Attach the curtain (fabric) to the table edge.
  • Adjust the tension of the roller by using a vise grip or pliers to the square pin and rotate clockwise approximately ten (10) revolutions.
  • Insert the roller curtain into the brackets, being careful to match the round pin and square pin of the roller with the brackets.
  • The roller curtain should be taunt at all times – if the fabric becomes loose, remove the roller and turn the square pin two or three additional revolutions.

Please contact us with any questions. Our sales staff looks forward to working with you.

We recommend that roller curtains are used for inside applications only.