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Lift Table Guards - Accordion Skirts


Custom Faberkin's skirts are made from 23oz. coated vinyl - the strongest in the industry and will out perform all others.

Lift table accordion skirts are designed to protect the table's mechanisms from dirt and debris.

Skirting maintains a highly visible profile while shielding valuable equipment.

Accordion skirting can be fabricated for floor mounted units or tables in a pit.

Whether it's a complete four sided application, or a one side dock lift, we will assist you with all your accordion skirting needs.


"Con-Mesh" Venting, a Custom Faberkin exclusive feature is sewn in our skirts with high strength mesh assuring proper expansion and compression - venting is standard on all 4-sided skirting and can be added to any configuration.

Maintenance Straps

Essential for servicing the lift table. Industrial strength snaps connect the ends of the strap to hold the skirt in place during table maintenance.

Straps can be retro fit - for skirting already installed - straps can be installed by simply opening up the collar or pocket area on the platform and slide the strap in between the platform and skirt.

Extension straps

For uniform extension - straps are made of tough black polypropylene webbing - essential for facilitating uniform expansion of the folds and to protect the skirt from over extending. Our straps are made from strong web that will not stretch out of shape. In addition Custom Faberkin's unique extension straps have an added feature assisting the handling and mounting of the skirt, and when properly wrapped between the flat bar and the collar, our lifting strap assures that no unnecessary pressure will be put on the stitching.

Always raising the bar!

Custom Faberkin offers specialty fabrics for High Heat, welding and abrasive applications:

  • Aluminized Fabric for Welding Applications
  • EPDM, Hypalon (CSM) for high abrasion applications and areas where chemical resistance is needed
  • Fire Resistant vinyl - for mild heat or intermittent sparks

For your challenging requirements

When retrofitting or applying the skirt in difficult areas, we offer skirts splits with connecting Hook and Loop tabs. This makes installation quick and easy.

For applications with extreme and excessive movement we offer "C" clips to assure support wires will stay in place.