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Lift Table Guards - Accordion Skirts


Custom Color and Material Options

  • Standard colors are alternating yellow and black for high visibility.
  • Skirting is also available in all yellow, or all black.
  • Custom colors are available.
  • High temperature aluminized cloth
  • FR rated materials
  • Low glare
  • Clear vinyl 

Custom Designed Bellows

  • For unique and custom designs applications to fit you exact requirements.
  • Materials specific to the requirements - anti-static, high heat, sparks, low glare, high abrasion - our team of textile experts will assist you.

Support Wire Options and Clips

  • For lifts with extreme movement, "C" clips are available. The clips will hold the support rod in place.
  • Stainless Steel rods are available for washdown applications.

For Oversized Platforms and Retro-fit Skirts

  • For ease of installation, skirting is available split with hook and loop attachments.
  • The skirt is split on one side and hook and loop is sewn onto the skirt for quick and easy installation.
  • By splitting the skirt on one side, the skirt will maintain consistent expansion and will collapse evenly.

Support Guides and Wires

  • Not all projects are alike, and with extreme applications and large expansions only supported bellows will work.
  • Accordion skirts and bellows can be made with sewn in supports using flexible HDPE. 
  • For more abrasive applications specially attached metal guides are available.

Solid Top Skirting

  • We can modify most designs to fit your needs.
  • This skirt was designed for a lift table without a platform.