Design and Development


Whether it is a new idea on an item, or a new requirement for your existing product, we will make your experience streamlined and cost effective for you.

We inventory a wide variety of fabrics, and if we don't inventory the material you need, we will work with our suppliers to create the best fabric for your application.


Canvas * Nylons * Coated Vinyl * Vinyl Laminates

Aluminized Fabrics * Leather * Custom Crafted Hardware

  • Send us your design or idea - we are excited to work on your project!

Let us take a fresh look at your product.  With our many resources for fabrics and hardware, just a simple change in materials can give your product a new look.  Our purchasing team is always on the look-out for new and innovative materials for use in our manufacturing.

  • *High Tech materials with One piece at a Time quality.

Items customized with your logo gives your product a step above the competition.

Send us a drawing, or a sample of what you need and we will make an approval for you.

Approval samples can be made individually, or as a part of a larger order. Once we have your final approval, we will create a drawing and an in-house sample, this extra step assures consistent products each time.

And the best part is...our products are