Protective Wraps and Sleeves

Hose Wraps and Sleeves

Protect cables and hoses.

Sleeve and wraps are made with material to protect from daily use.

Sleeves are sewn closed

Wraps can be closed with hook and loop or snaps

From our large inventory of industrial strength fabrics, our engineers will choose the correct fabric for each application.

Aluminized cloth

Silicone cloth


For a quote;

Measure the outside dimension of the cable

Measure the total length needed... we will take it from there.

  • Exposed cables and hoses can be easily damaged. 
  • Wraps made with snaps or hook and loop closures are perfect for retro-fitting when cables or hoses are not easily accessible.
  •  Snaps are industrial strength nickel coated brass. Wraps made with CFIFireCloth will protect in the harshest and hottest environments.

Covered hoses and cables are protected.