Insulated Pads, Bags and Blankets

Padded for Protection and Security

  • Foam layered bags are designed to protect contents during movement.
  • Designs include water resistant fabrics and UV protected materials.
  • Whether the need is for transporting or storage, we can assist you with the design.
  • Courier Bags are made with padded protection for day to day operations.
  • Additional features;
  • Interior side supports
  • Bags can be made lockable
  • Exterior high abrasion resistant fabrics

Temperature Sensitive Blankets

Insulated blankets and pads for temperature sensitive items made with durable fabrics and sewn with quality. 

We will work with you on current or new designs, following your drawing with accuracy and detail, assuring the blanket's fit.

Blankets and pads are made with expansion gussets for greater insulation values. Constructed with strong, tear resistant coated vinyl and the optimal foam densities for your requirements.

  • Foam layered protection - insulated and designed to protect contents.
  • Designs include water resistant fabrics and UV protected materials.
  • Whether the need is for transporting or storage, we can assist you with designing the perfect cover.
  • Exterior fabrics for high abrasion resistance - custom imprinted for quick identification.