Locking Deposit and Brass Hood Locking Bags

7-Pin and Pop-Up Locking Bags

Standard Sizes (Measured Width x Height)

*11 x 7

*12 x 9

*15 x 11

*16 x 12

Other sizes available upon request.

Standard Features in every bag.

Pick resistant Brass Zippers.

Custom Faberkin's exclusive CSM Lock Patch protects the built-in lock.

Identification Windows are standard on all bags.

Bags can be imprinted, embroidered or numbered.

Locking Document Bags

  • Designed with an expansion gusset at the bottom to keep important documents protected and flat.
  • For added support, solid side panels can be sewn between the layers of fabric.
  • Bags are made in Heavy Duty Canvas, 1000 Denier Nylon or Laminated Nylon.  Documents bags are available with all the features of our standard locking bags.
  • Bags can be customized with brief case style hard handles, shoulder straps, or web carrying handles.

Standard Sizes:

14"w x 18"h x 4" bottom expansion

17"w x 11"h x 3" bottom expansion

Brass Hood Bags

A secure and economical alternative to a Built-in Lock. Bags can be padlocked or secured with a zip tie or seal.

Standard Sizes:

  W x H

*8 x 10

*9 x 12


Identification window


Numbering for better tracking

Padlocks sold separately