Custom Bellows, Guide Rail Covers & Expansion Joints

Round Bellows, Way Guards, Rectangular bellows, Custom Bellows

Covers and bellows made to order for each unique application.

Standard Features:

  • Material: Vinyl, CSM, EPDM, TPDE (teflon), Aluminized Fabrics.  With an inventory of Chemical Resistant materials and will find the most compatible fabric for any chemical concerns.
  • Construction: The Inside (ID) of our covers are approximate 1/4" to 1/2" larger than the OD of the equipment piece. 
  • Always check for clearance around the equipment, Sewn bellows work best with a minimum OD of 2" larger than the ID.

Sewn-Strong with the flexibility of design options   

  • Internal guides and grommets for horizontal applications.
  • Breather vents for rapid cycle applications.
  • Tension webs to facilitate uniformed expansion.
  • Zipper, hook and loop, and snap closures or combinations for easy installation.

  • For a quote contact us with the following information;

1) Send us a drawing or fill in a survey sheet at the bottom of the page at Additional Resources.

2) The dimension of what you are covering and the maximum extension needed.

  • Bellows play an integral part of maintaining equipment.  We have the right material for your requirements.
  • For customized designs and Options Click on the DESIGN OPTIONS link above.

See Additional Resources Below for quote forms.

Molded Bellows

Molded bellows and boots are used in a wide range of applications to seal out dust and other environmental elements.

The sealed construction provides superior protection in indoor and outdoor environments.

Bellows are available in a variety of durometers, colors and materials to best fit your requirements.

Please contact us at for your requirements.